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Big M


Big M Series - Residential Under Control.

The Maruyama Big M series provides the homeowner with peace of mind and equipment that is available in an affordable price range without having to step into commercial product territory.

Trimmers / Brush Cutters

Rugged. Powerful. Extraordinary.

Maruyama Trimmers & Brush Cutters aren’t unique for what they do. They’re unique for how they do it–rugged, dependable, day in and day out, year in and year out. No complaints.

Multi-Cutter Systems

Powerful. Versatile. Extraordinary.

Versatility and productivity make the Maruyama Multi-Cutter System the finest professional grounds maintenance tool available. 


Control. Power. Performance.

Powerful and portable, Maruyama edgers give you total control. Work on side hills, curves and unusually shaped beds, these edgers offer superior maneuverability making the tricky jobs easy. 



Powerful. Productive. Balanced Design.

Maruyama blowers are designed to maximize productivity. To us that means high performance over a long product life.  

Hedge Trimmers

Solid. Dependable. Simply The Best.

The finest hedge trimmer available today. Great for sculpting, sheering or reaching high branches, these extraordinary hedge trimmers are engineered to balance power, durability and comfort under heavy, daily use. 

Chainsaws & Pruners

Extreme Duty.

The ideal chainsaw for maintaining green areas and tree-care specialists who require a light, high-performance chainsaw. Ideal for cutting firewood, clearing, and forestry.  

Manuals / Parts Lists / Support

Exceptional Support For Every Product.

Visit the official support site of Maruyama for do it yourself information including illustrated parts lists, owner’s manuals and 2 cycle tune-up specifications.

Why Buy Maruyama?


Gear Up With A Trimmer Brand That's Trusted By The Pros

RedMax string trimmers are smooth-running machines that are comfortable and easy to use. Patented Strato-Charged engine technology leads the industry for power and performance.

RedMax trimmers include solid-steel drive shafts that are splined on both ends, reducing vibration and improving acceleration. The solid construction of these tools ensures less downtime than flex-cable or flex-shaft units.

Meanwhile, RedMax’s Maxtreme trimmers can be combined with any of five tool attachments, making it easy to switch quickly between projects. It’s the ultimate way to put the finishing touches on your lawn maintenance work.

Hedge Trimmers

Sculpt The Perfect Hedge With A RedMax Commercial Hedge Trimmer

RedMax hedge trimmers are engineered for outstanding performance in any environment. The blades are made of case-hardened, high-carbon steel that reduces the need for sharpening. The double-reciprocating blades promise fast, clean and precisely manicured cutting in any direction. Plus, most models include our patented, super-efficient Strato-Charged engine technology.

 When accuracy is the top priority, our single-sided blades can be used for creative sculpting work. Easy to start, satisfying to use and backed by a two-year commercial warranty, these hedge trimmers are the best choice for your landscaping work.


RedMax’s Commercial-Grade Leaf Blowers Are Powerful Workhorses

Get ready to blow away the competition with the green industry’s most trusted blowers.

Whether you’re cleaning up a big property or a small backyard, you’ll have all the air force you need to get the job done. Most models come equipped with our patented Strato-Charged engine technology, delivering unparalleled levels of fuel efficiency and horsepower. Best of all, ergonomics and operator comfort are second to none.

Manuals / Parts Lists / Support

Exceptional Support For Every Product.

Visit the official support site of RedMax for do it yourself information including illustrated parts lists, and owner’s manuals.

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